Create a Facebook Ad in Less than 5 Minutes

Want to advertise your real estate business on Facebook?

How to create a facebook ad for real estate leadsLearn how to create a Facebook Ad in less than 5 minutes!

This is a true “how to” video with step-by-step instructions to set up a successful Facebook advertisement.  We highly recommend bookmarking it, because you will probably come back to it many times!

The wonderful technology team at eXp Realty will walk you through the entire Facebook ad set-up process, but before you get started, make sure you have two things:

  • A dedicated Facebook business page
  • Landing page (outside of Facebook) where you want to send the inquiries from the ad. In this example, they will be using a Home Valuation landing page and the goal is to drive traffic to this page and ask homeowners to submit a request for an instant home valuation.  View example.


OUR FACEBOOK MARKETING RESULTS:   After watching this video, I set up my Facebook ad in about five minutes and was able to generate 22 home valuation requests for less than $40.00.  [amazing!]  Please note that not everyone shared their name and phone number with me — just their address — so I still created the home valuation report for them and snail mailed to their address.  Needless to say, they were impressed and out of the 22 leads from Facebook, I’ve already closed two sales with an estimated commission of about $14,500.


Update to post (9/29/2015): My team just ran a second round of Facebook ads and had a similar result.  We received 19 leads, 11 shared their contact information and of the 11 home valuations completed, we have two listing appointments this week.   Only spent $30.21!

If you are just getting started with the process, you may want to test different communities and zip codes, as some work much better than others. On our 2nd round of ads, we focused on two different communities and one generated the 19 leads and the other didn’t generate any.

Also recommend uploading two images for each ad.  Facebook will alternate the images and you will be able to see which one performs the best. 


How do you get a Home Valuation Landing Page?  Many agents have asked us about this and the answer is… at eXp Realty, the brokerage provides all agents with one at no cost via our Kunversion lead gen website.  There are some other services that offer them, like “Listings2Leads” and “HomeValueLeads.com,” but they are typically $45 to $99 per month.


Hope this helps you create an amazing Facebook ad in less than 5 minutes!

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