Amazing Open House Strategies

Looking for new ideas for open houses?  

We have it covered!  Below you will find some amazing open house strategies, tips and techniques in Toby Salgado’s interview with a top producing Portland real estate agent.  This agent has the open house system down to a science and utilizes it to build his database and brand.  Listen below as  they review a very detailed open house strategy that works like a charm.

Please note that there is a LOT of valuable information in the interview, so we’ve summarized some of the key open house strategies at the end of this post, but you may still want to take notes!

Open House Strategy that Kills with Chris Suarez & Toby Salgado 


Summary of Open House Strategies from this podcast:

Prepare for the open house a week in advance:

  • First, set up a digital folder with a flyer for the property, comps for the property and a full market overview of the community.  Also add a call list with at least 100 of the nearby neighbors.
  • Touch all the neighbors at least four (yes, 4!) times:
    • A week before the big event, an invitation to the open house is sent out to owner occupied sellers (100 to 200 neighbors).
    • 4 to 5 days before the open house, install the sign in the yard
    • 3 days before the open house, the postcards should arrive in neighbors mailboxes
    • 2 days before, call all the neighbors and invite them to the open house
    • 1 or 2 days before the open house, all the directionals are installed (so neighbors will see them on the way home)
    • The 5th possible touch is meeting them at the open house!
  • During the open house, it’s important to collect the attendees contact information.  Ask ask several key questions:
    • Are you out shopping for a home today or do you live in the neighborhood? (buyer or neighbor?)
    • Would you like a flyer on the home?  What is your email address and I’ll send the eFlyer to you!
    • If they don’t give you the email, let them tour the home and then on the way out, tell them that you have some market data for the neighborhood and comparables for the open house listing …. and ask for their email.

Hosting Open Houses can help you double, triple or even quadruple your current database.  Once you’ve captured the visitor’s information at the open house, follow up with a thank you note and then neighborhood home sales reports, and add them to your regular sphere communication schedule.

Don’t be afraid to hold 4 to 6 open houses a weekend.  Host an open house on a Tuesday or Friday…. think outside of the box!   If you don’t have the listings, ask other agents in your office.

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