How to Generate More Leads on Zillow | At No Cost to You

Looking for some free ways to get real estate leads on Zillow?

Even if you aren’t advertising on Zillow, there are still plenty of ways that you can utilize this real estate website to help you generate more real estate business.  The following webinar is hosted by Brad Anderson, former Director of Education at Zillow and current owner of the new RETech Campus.


A quick summary of the “Free Ways to Generate More Business on Zillow”:

  • Perfect your personal profile – Think of Zillow as a shopping mall and your profile page as a business in the mall.
  • Make sure the “about me” section is really about the CONSUMER.  Don’t fill it up with every award, accolade and designation you’ve ever received. Focus on the consumer and how you can help them have a smooth home buying or selling experience.
  • Add a current profile photo AND a video to your Zillow profile – let people get to know you!
  • Add the areas that you specialize in — include cities, neighborhoods and zip codes.  Home buyer searches may vary, so you want to make sure they will find you!
  • Your Home Sales — Be sure to add EVERY sale you’ve ever closed.  The number of recent home sales appear on your Zillow profile (along with the number of reviews), so this is critical.  Consumers want to see that you are actively selling homes and are experts in certain areas.

QUICK TIP:  If it is too time-consuming to enter every home sale, you can send Zillow a spreadsheet with all of your past sales and they will add it for you!

  • Request reviews from your past clients — having 10+ reviews on your profile page will substantially increase the number of leads you will receive — even if you aren’t advertising on Zillow.
  • Engage Local Consumers — Visit the home page of Zillow [dot] com.  Click on the Advice link at the top of the page.  From there, find your local market (city / neighborhood) and view all the questions consumers are asking.  If you know the answer to their questions, engage them and help them out!
  • Zestimate — Many real estate agents shudder when they hear this word, but did you know that you can actually CHANGE the Zestimate?  If you click on “Update my Zestimate” and you can additional information about the home, including information that’s not in the tax records and adding photographs.
  • Make Me Move Feature — Visit Zillow, select your city and state and on the listing pull down menu, uncheck everything but the “Make Me Move” button.  You’ll see every person that “claimed” their home on Zillow.  You will then see all the homeowners that are willing to SELL THEIR HOME for a certain price.  If the price is within reason, reach out to the seller and tell them that you work in the area and think you can help get their home sold.  There is such a big opportunity for real estate agents — and most don’t take advantage of this FREE feature on Zillow.

There are so many more options to generate real estate leads on Zillow (at no cost to you!), including Zillow Digs, co-branding links and foreclosure opportunities so Brad Anderson and the RETech Campus is going to do a second video in the near future!


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