From Kunversion to Facebook …. and back again!

How to use Kunversion real estate data to create Facebook posts

How to use Kunversion that real estate lead generation website… and generate lots of inquiries on your Kunversion website!

Lead generation websites like Kunversion work really well, but in order to take advantage of this robust real estate search tool, you need to send a potential home buyers and sellers to the site.  Below you’ll find a 5-minute overview that will take you step by step through the process of finding interesting and/or relevant information on Kunversion — from neighborhood open houses to recent price drops, etc – that you can use to post on Facebook and other social media sites.


Research home stats and create a Facebook post in < 5 minutes:


Example of a simple Facebook marketing schedule

MONDAY’S Facebook Post:

Were you house hunting this weekend?  Some of the homes you visited may have reduced their price! See the all the [XYZ City] homes that just dropped the asking price:

(insert URL from Kunversion)  

TUESDAY’S Facebook Post:

Our friends and clients are always asking where we think mortgage rates are heading, so we thought you may find this helpful…. http://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/2015/08/10/where-are-mortgage-rates-headed-this-fall-next-year/

(Tip:  Mix in other helpful articles – like the one above — on your FB business page and don’t spam your readers!)

WEDNESDAY’S Facebook Post:

More and more homeowners are listing their homes this Fall and believe it or not, there are ### new listings this week in YOUR CITY!  View the full list…

(insert URL from Kunversion)  

FRIDAY’s Facebook Post:

Planning to visit a few Open Houses this weekend?  There are 100+ [check this number] scheduled in CITY NAME. Search by price and school district…

(insert URL from Kunversion)  

SATURDAY’s Facebook Post:

There is so much to do this weekend, from the _____ Farmer’s Market to the Arts Fest and Tour of Homes.  Hope to see you there!

(insert event website or your blog URL)  

SUNDAY’s Facebook Post (or this really works well as a FB Ad)

YOUR CITY Homes have an average sales price of $374K. What do you think yours is worth? Get an instant home valuation!

(insert squeeze page URL from Kunversion)  



Kunversion, the real estate lead generation website, is not exclusive to eXp Realty, it is just one of the tools they provide to the agents. If you are with another real estate brokerage, you can still purchase a Kunversion site…. it is a powerful tool that will help you take your business to the next level. Learn more  about this lead gen tool….  It’s worth every penny!


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