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Calendar for social media marketing Many real estate agents feel overwhelmed at the thought of social media marketing, including creating a Facebook business page and finding the time to keep is updated with fresh and relevant content.  In this post, we are going to share with you how SIMPLE it can be… and that you will only have to spend an hour a week.  Just follow these simple steps:

1)  Rotate the content and topics

When focusing on social media marketing for real estate, don’t just post listings or links to homes for sale on your website.  Mix it up!

Remember:   M E A L L

Market Updates


Advice for buyers and sellers

Local news and events

Listings and lead generating posts

2)  Create a social media calendar

If you map out when / where you are going to post information, it will make it much easier to schedule posts on Facebook (and/or Twitter).  Below is an example of a real estate agent’s social media calendar that they use as a guide every month.

Social media marketing calendar for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

The Facebook calendar above make look like a lot of work, but keep reading!  We have a simple solution….

3)  Schedule your posts on Facebook

Your Facebook business page (not your personal page) offers a super simple scheduling option.  Pick a day every week (we like “Facebook Fridays”) where you research local events, news and market updates and schedule them to appear on your Facebook page.  In the short video (<6 minutes), we did a quick demonstration to show you just how easy — and fast — it really is to post relevant, engaging content on your FB page.

4)  Schedule your tweets on Twitter

We recommend focusing on Facebook first and then when you feel more confident and are seeing results, you can start building your social media posting calendar for Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media sites.

If you would like to schedule your tweets on Twitter, there are several tools that will allow you to do this and most are free.  Here are a few popular tools to schedule your tweets:


FAQ:  Where do I find content to share on social media?

This is a great question that we get all the time.  Here are a few suggestions:

For events and festivals, just google it!   Usually if you enter “April events in XYZ City” you’ll get at least three different websites with oodles of event information.

For local developments and news, there are usually a variety of local online magazines and blogs that you can bookmark and refer back to every week or month.  Here in Atlanta, popular sources include CurbedAtlanta, CreativeLoafing.com, Atlanta Magazine, The Patch and the AJC — just to name a few!

For real estate market reports and trends, check CoreLogic and/or your local MLS.  You can also create custom real estate market blog posts on your website, but we’ll cover that in another post!

For listings, link to your own or if you don’t have any, ask other agents in your office if they would mind you posting theirs on your social media sites

For lead generation, just use your website to drive your Facebook and Twitter fans to particular pages.  Per the calendar above, popular searches include foreclosures, homes just listed this week, recently reduced homes, and open houses.


Building Better Real Estate Websites


Stay tuned for more social media marketing for real estate tips!

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