App of the Week: Create and Share Screenshots with LIGHTSHOT

Building Better Agent’s App of the Week:  

Create and Share Screenshots with LIGHTSHOT

It is so EASY to save a picture of your computer screen or a particular image or article online.  We’ve been using an app called LightShot for the past few months and it’s fantastic!  In one or two clicks of your mouse, you can:

  • Snip a screenshot of selected area within seconds and save to your desktop
  • Share screenshots via a short link (url) and immediately post to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Edit the screenshot with arrows, text, shapes and highlighters

Quick Demo of LightShot

How to use this tool for real estate marketing:

  • Take a screenshot of your home search website and share on Facebook – you can promote new listings, open houses, foreclosed homes, etc
  • If you are writing a blog about the real estate market, take a screenshot of an interesting graph or chart and use that as a teaser on social media in order to drive more traffic back to your website
  • Were you or your brokerage just featured in a news article?  Grab a screenshot of the article and post it on your “About Us” page on your website
  • See a great example of a kitchen remodel that you want to share with your client?  Grab a screenshot, save and email to your buyer or seller

Q & As

LightShot is available for both Windows AND Mac (we knew you were going to ask!)

and runs on several platforms including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Visit the Lightshot website

Mac / Apple users – Download Lightshot on iTunes

Check out the social media sharing function of this app (it’s worth 57 seconds of your time!)

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