Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents are Joining EXP Realty

Why Real Estate Agents are Joining EXP Realty

Top 10 Reasons to Join EXP RealtyThe growth at eXp Realty is nothing short of amazing, but it’s no surprise! REALTORS and Brokers are attracted to the commission splits, lead generation tools, the revenue share program and the opportunity to be an owner in the company with our stock program.

The online or “cloud” office is also very appealing to those real estate agents who are always on the move and want to have easy access to the office and the live training classes from anywhere in the world. After being a part of EXP Realty for the last 2+ years, I’m even more excited about all that we’ve achieved and where we are headed.

If you are wondering if EXP Realty is the right real estate brokerage for you and your business, here are some of the many reasons that real estate agents are making the leap to join EXP Realty:


Top 10 Reasons to Join EXP Realty

1)   EXP Stock awarded to all Realtors and Brokers – everyone is an owner in the brokerage!

2)   Kunversion lead generation website for every agent

3)   Making it Rain Lead Generation Program (lead gen on autopilot)

4)   Fully-staffed Technology Team available for ALL of your marketing and technology questions

5)   Customization, top-ranked WordPress websites, allowing to you build YOUR brand

6)   Coaching and Accountability Workshops – collaborate with top agents around the country

7)   Great commission splits with a low annual cap

8)   20+ Hours of LIVE Training classes every week

9)   Opportunity for multiple revenue streams

10)  The Industry’s Best Revenue Share Program


Learn more about EXP Realty

This brokerage has to much to offer and we tried to fit as much as possible into this short video, covering everything from commission splits to monthly fees, lead generation programs and the EXP Realty Revenue Share and stock ownership programs.   If you have questions or would like to learn more, you’ll find some other interesting articles, more videos and EXP Realty contact information below.

PLEASE NOTE:  This presentation was recorded in 2015 and there have been several changes and enhancements to the programs and services offered by eXp.  For the latest overview of what eXp Realty has to offer, please call 404-205-8801 and we’d be happy to email you a copy!


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