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How to Create Community Pages on your Real Estate Website

Creating hyperlocal content and Creating Community Pages on your Real Estate Website So you have a new website and you’ve added your About Us page, testimonials and a few other things, but aren’t quite sure what to do next?  Many real estate agents think they have to start blogging, but before you do, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you select three to five communities or neighborhoods that you serve and build a page for each.  Not only will your website visitors appreciate you sharing information about the neighborhoods or suburbs they are interested in, you will also start building authority and/or trust with the search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo) and over time, they will increase your rankings on the search results pages.

Before you begin creating your community pages, please keep reading below for tips on:

  • How to structure your community web page
  • What real estate keywords to focus on
  • Adding current homes for sale to your web pages
  • Examples of websites with high ranking neighborhood and community pages.

First, create a structure for your community pages on your website.

This will help visitors easily navigate your real estate website and will also help the search engines understand your site’s structure (which ultimately helps your page rank better).  For example, if you create a page for one of the counties and/or cities you serve and then list all the neighborhood pages, your website URL would look something like this:

JohnBrownHomes.com/atlanta/grant-park/  – OR – 

JohnBrownHomes.com/fulton-county/atlanta/grant-park – OR –


 The areas in bold are the pages that you’ll have to create BEFORE starting your neighborhood or community page.

When you create your main communities, suburbs or neighborhoods page, it can look something like this:

Creating a community page for your home search website

Or like this…

Adding the main neighborhood or community page to your website

Next, gather information for your community web page.

Now we know that most of you are REALTORS, not copywriters, so please don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of creating content for your neighborhood / community pages.  If you gather the following items, it should make it much easier to create the community description for your website.

1) Select two KEYWORD PHRASES that you will use at least 2 to 3 times in the community page.  For example:

  • “Grant Park homes for sale”
  • “Grant Park real estate”
  • “Historic homes in Grant Park Atlanta”
  • “New construction homes near Grant Park”

2) Think of the two things buyers would find most INTERESTING about the neighborhood or community.  A few examples:

  • “Walk to restaurants and parks”
  • “Quiet, family friendly area”
  • “Great schools”  or “Top ranked elementary school”
  • “Established community with luxury homes on tree lined streets”
  • “Hip area with young professionals”

3) Gather the community FACTS – Since you regularly work in these communities, you probably know more than you realize. You may have to do a little research, but we would recommend including the following on your website’s community pages:

  • Home price ranges / average sales price
  • Home styles (traditional, historic, modern, new construction)
  • Approximate number of people who live in the community
  • Nearby communities
  • List of schools in the community
  • Things to do (parks, restaurants, farmers market, etc)
  • Proximity to interstate or other popular districts

*** Please note that you don’t have to add everything on the list above to your website when you first create the pages, you can add over time

Using the examples above, your initial community description could look something like this:

(keywords and key facts highlighted in light blue)


Welcome to the Grant Park Real Estate Guide!

If you’ve been searching for Grant Park homes for sale, you’ve come to the right place.  This family friendly community is just 5 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta and is home to Atlanta’s most stunning historic homes from Victorians to 1920s bungalows.  Residents love being able to walk to local restaurants and enjoy getting together to socialize at the weekly farmers market in the park.  The new charter school is also attracting more and more people to the neighborhood.

With all that this community has to offer, it’s no surprise that the Grant Park real estate market is strong right now, with many homes selling at or over the asking price.  Typically single family homes range in price from $275K to $1.0M with the average in the mid $400s. Feel free to browse all the latest the Grant Park homes for sale below and if you have questions, please call us at the number above.  We specialize in this popular Atlanta neighborhood and would be honored to assist you!


As you’ll see above, we used our two keyword phrases twice, added the most interesting things about the neighborhood (family friendly, walkable) and also added the key community facts (5 minutes from Downtown, historic homes, farmer’s market, new charter school and home prices).

…. now you just have to take a few photos of the community and you are ready to create your page!

Quick tip:  When you save your photos, name them with one or both of your keyword phrases.  One photo could be “XYZ Homes for Sale” and the other could be “Explore XYZ real estate”.  If you are able, you may also want to add a watermark with your website address or logo.

creating your community page for your real estate site


Examples of Community Website Pages


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