Review of eXp Realty | A Look Back at 2016

Another record-breaking year for eXp Realty!

Learn more about EXP Realty, including agent reviews, EXPI stock, revenue share and more.This is my fourth year at eXp Realty and the agent success stories, new broker offerings and growth at our agent-owned real estate brokerage is nothing short of AMAZING!  This innovative company offers agents the complete package and is constantly improving systems and agent benefits, so it’s no surprise that we were on fire in 2016!  Below are some of the highlights as well as a personal review, sharing feedback from an eXp agent’s perspective.

Review of eXp Realty in 2016



eXp Realty almost TRIPLED in size!  We are now in 42 states in the US and in Alberta, Canada and are considered one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in North America. See the full article.

EXP Realty Agents_growing every year


Best real estate brokerages to work for in Atlanta and other US cities.AWARDED BEST PLACE TO WORK

eXp Realty was named in the”Top Places to Work” by The Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constution and The Oklahoman. Pretty impressive when our eXp office is actually online! It is further proof that real estate agents can easily learn, collaborate, thrive and have FUN in an online office environment.


Every quarter, sales grew, breaking eXp records almost every time.

Many agents who joined us in the last year or two had their best year yet, thanks to the free Kunversion lead gen tool, amazing training classes and the chance to collaborate with other agents around the country.

EXPI STOCK…. off the charts!

eXp Realty is a publicly traded company (OTC: EXPI) and all of the agents own stock in our real estate brokerage after selling their first home with eXp. At the start of 2016, EXPI stock was at $0.84 and finished the year at $4.00.  That’s almost a 500% increase in one year! Pretty incredible, right?

*** Be sure to read the story at the bottom of this article and you’ll see how this can be life changing for many of our real estate agents and brokers.

Get the latest announcement from EXP Realty! They are offering Commissions Inc lead gen to all agents. Amazing.NEW AGENT BENEFITS & OFFERINGS

eXp partnered with Virbella to create an incredible new cloud office called EXP WORLD.  They also announced a partnership with the powerful lead generation platform, Commissions Inc (CINC) that is rolling out in early 2017 – now agents will have Kunversion and/or CINC to help them generate more leads and build some powerful businesses and teams. Learn more about the partnership with Commissions Inc.


We are so excited that eXp Realty opened offices in several new states and regions including:

  • Alaska
  • District of Columbia
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • Utah
  • Wyoming




Look at all the top real estate teams that joined eXp Realty in Boston, Arkansas, Sacramento, Texas and more.The Landmark Group in Boston, MA

Sharon and Stephen Koss started the “The Landmark Group” more than 30 years ago with RE/MAX. This powerhouse brand could have easily transitioned to their own brokerage, but here’s why Stephen and Sharon Koss joined eXp Realty:

“With eXp we have access to ground-breaking real estate technology to better serve our agents and clients. Most importantly though, we are able to thank our agents by providing them with the very same opportunities that we have — ownership as fellow shareholders able to build organizations within and across markets. While there are other companies in the industry that are publicly held, the driving force behind eXp’s public company status is to give direct ownership to its agents and brokers. That’s a game-changer for us.”

Brent Gove Team Joins eXp Realty in Sacramento CA

One of the top Northern California teams joins eXp Realty after working with RE/MAX and Keller Williams. Brent Gove is a bestselling author, radio station host and one of the most motivated real estate professionals in the business. So what was it that made Brent Gove and his 20 team members join eXp Realty?

“Only once previously, during the course of 19 years in this business, have I switched brokerages. …the opportunity to become an owner of eXp World Holdings and to be part of a community of agent-owners working closely together with systems and infrastructure that will allow us to continue to grow both as a team and as professionals – building relationships and organizations that span across borders. eXp Realty represents the best opportunity for us as a team and as individuals.”  See the full press release.

Marsee Wilhelms Team in Tucson, AZ

Marsee and her team are the #1 Team in Arizona and 16th in the US, according to the Wall Street Journal. Prior to eXp Realty, the Marsee Wilhelms Team were with RE/MAX Majestic in Tucson, AZ. See the full press release.

Darren James Real Estate Experts in Baton Rouge, LA

Darren and his team are based out of Baton Rouge and have received many awards and accolades over the years, including the 5000 fastest growing companies by Forbes Inc, ranked #51 by the Wall Street Journal and several others. Why did he join eXp Realty?

“The eXp Realty business model is more progressive and agent-centric than any I’ve seen in my 15 years in this business,” said James. “This is a tremendous opportunity, not just for me and for my family, but for all of the agents who have been great and loyal contributors to my success.”

Burch & Co in Arkansas

Eric Burch and his team “Burch & Co” joined eXp Realty the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® after several years with Century 21. They are ranked at the #2 Team in the state of Arkansas and feel that “we can provide better service to our clients and, importantly, the opportunity for true ownership to our agents.” More about Eric Burch & Company.

Miguel Herrera Luxury Team in Texas

The top international luxury agent in South Texas, Miguel Herrera, joined eXp Realty, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® in 2016. After only six years in the real estate business, Miquel is already a recognized leader within and among the luxury agent community in San Antonion and South Texas.  Learn more about this eXp Realty’s newest luxury real estate team.

Ready to join eXp Realty, the first agent owned cloud brokerage?

Other professionals who joined eXp Realty in 2016…

Russ Cofano named at eXp Realty’s President and General Counsel

Rick Miller appointed to eXp World Board of Directors

Ryan Hightower, the Kunversion lead generation machine

Jeanne Borgers named New Jersey state broker for eXp Realty

Lonna Lamphere named Wyoming state broker

Randall Miles appointed to eXp World Board of Directors


eXp Realty :: Always GIVING Back

Successful partnership with New Story and EXP RealtyeXp Realty is all about creating new opportunities. Opportunities for agents to build our real estate business and create a lives worth living. We all know the power of “home” as the foundation for human possibilities and that is why eXp partnered with New Story to provide yet another opportunity.

At our eXp convention last October, the leadership team announced that we are partnering with New Story, a charitable organization that builds homes for just $6,000 in areas that were struck by natural disaster (i.e. Haiti) as well as impoverished areas around the world. In the first day alone, eXp agents and brokers raised enough money to build 3 new homes… and agents kept giving, exceeding all of our fundraising goals. Such an incredible feeling! See the full press release.


EXP Review from an agent’s perspective…

“If I had one word to describe my experience at eXp Realty this year, it would be LIFE-CHANGING.”

First and foremost, I was able to purchase and renovate my dream home. It’s something I’d wanted to do for many years but wasn’t in a position to do so unit my monthly revenue share check more than DOUBLED and the EXPI stock price soared from 85 cents to almost $6.00 at one point during the year. So incredibly thankful that I’m a stockholder / owner in my real estate brokerage and that we’ve had so many wonderful agents join the company!

Even though, I’m not the best public speaker, I was able to teach several classes in the cloud office, EXP World. The feedback from the agents was so nice and with the magnificent Brad Andersohn as my wingman, it really helped me feel a bit more comfortable. Hopefully I’ll be teaching a few more classes this year because I could talk about real estate marketing, website creation, and team building all day long!

My team, the Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group, had our best year yet, both in the number of homes sold and volume.  We also steamlined our systems so that our weekly listing / marketing meetings were in the cloud office. Not only did we have better attendance numbers, the agents didn’t have to spend precious time in rush hour traffic and could use that time to focus on their business.

I received the 2016 ICON Agent Award, which was a great honor and also meant that I received $16,000 worth of EXPI stock. Over the last 3 years with eXp, I’ve received about 20,000 shares of stock awards, which in the current market is worth about $80,000. Simply spectacular!

If that’s not enough, I had four fabulous agents join my real estate team in Atlanta, increased my net income by almost 20% and was able to collaborate with eXp agents and brokers from around the country about website design, team building, blogging and lead generation.  By the end of 2016, I had a gorgeous new home, a larger ownership in the brokerage, a happy savings account, a prestigious award and some fabulous new friends.

I’d call that life changing, wouldn’t you? 



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