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How to List FSBOs – Time Tested Tips and Communication Strategies

Want to learn how to list FSBOs (For Sale by Owner)? Many real estate agents shy away from FSBOs (For Sale by Owner listings), as it often involves more than just calling once or twice…. and sometimes home owners aren’t ready or willing to consider listing their home with a broker. In the video below, Hoss Pratt, an expert in listing FSBOs, will take you through the steps to effectively communicate with these home owners so that you can “List 28 FSBOs in 28 Days.” This is amazing class, but if you don’t have a full hour to listen, we also have some of this class highlights and FSBO communication tips at the bottom of this article. How to List 28 FSBOs in 28 Days HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FSBO CLASS Time-tested Tips and Communication Strategies for Finding and Converting FSBO Listings When communicating with For Sale By Owners, keep in mind that 74% of all FSBos will eventually hire an agent. 89% of buyers will purchase their home through an agent (so FSBOs are at a disadvantage). And most importantly, 73% of sellers would use the same real estate agent to list their home again… but less than 20% actually do because their agents don’t keep in touch. Remember that there are 4 Things You Control in your Real Estate Business 1) Prospecting 2) Presenting 3) Building Relationships 4) Leading 3 Things You MUST DO if you are going to get FSBO listings 1) Provide value to the homeowner (more tips and suggestions to follow) 2) Present solutions The FSBO doesn’t care how many homes you’ve sold or how many years you’ve...

How EXP Realty Revenue Share Works

About eXp Realty and the Revenue Share Program eXp Realty is changing the real estate brokerage model and more and more real estate professionals are starting to realize that our offerings package, lead generation systems, stock ownership, education and low fees and commission cap are the perfect combination for their businesses.   The proof is in the numbers… in the last year, eXp grew by 85%! In addition to all the lead gen tools and great commission splits that eXp Realty offers, the one thing that make us stand out from every other real estate brokerage is the country is our incredible eXp revenue share program. Not only has revenue share helped agents build their “rainy day” fund, it’s also created an incredible atmosphere within the company where everyone wants to help one another build successful, meaningful businesses. ** This video is just a simple overview of how the program works.  There is no guarantee that the rev share program will help you retire from real estate, but there is potential to help you contribute to your savings account and/or reinvest into your real estate business.  How the eXp Realty Revenue Share Program Works The founders of our brokerage made this program straightforward and easy to understand.  If you bring another real estate agent to eXp Realty, you will receive 3.5% of their gross commission.  It has nothing to do with the profitability of the company that month or quarter, your monthly revenue share check from eXp is based on 3.5% of that agent’s gross commissions.  In the example below, one of your agents sells a $500K home and generates $15K in commission.  You’ll receive 3.5% of the gross...

Increase Your Mobile Business with SavvyCard

This is one of the best (free) marketing tools we’ve found in 2015!  As real estate agents, we know that you are bombarded with all the latest gadgets and apps, but SavvyCard is simple to set up and will help you easily connect with potential clients and your sphere in today’s mobile environment. So what is a SavvyCard? Think of it like a mobile business card on steroids.  SavvyCards work on iPhones, Droids and any Internet-enabled devices and allow you to create a professional mobile marketing app with dozens of ways for people to connect with you (i.e. websites, text, social links, etc).  Even though you can use it as an online business card, your SavvyCard is far more flexible and powerful and can be used for so much more.  A few examples include: LANDING PAGES – Your SavvyCard could be used as landing pages for marketing campaigns EMAIL SIGNATURE – Add a link to your SavvyCard in your email signature and/or in email marketing campaigns, showing potential home buyers and sellers how they can access you 24/7 SOCIAL MEDIA – Share the URL on Twitter and Facebook along with a special offer or call to action REFERRALS – If you are asking for referrals from past clients, make sure they have your SavvyCard so they can share with their friends, family and co-workers.  We all love to share, that’s why Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are so popular.  Let SavvyCard turbo-charge your referrals this year! PROMOTE LISTINGS – You can create a separate SavvyCard for each real estate listing that you have.  Potential buyers will be able to link to photos, maps, descriptions  and they will have the...

Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents are Joining EXP Realty

Why Real Estate Agents are Joining EXP Realty The growth at eXp Realty is nothing short of amazing, but it’s no surprise! REALTORS and Brokers are attracted to the commission splits, lead generation tools, the revenue share program and the opportunity to be an owner in the company with our stock program. The online or “cloud” office is also very appealing to those real estate agents who are always on the move and want to have easy access to the office and the live training classes from anywhere in the world. After being a part of EXP Realty for the last 2+ years, I’m even more excited about all that we’ve achieved and where we are headed. If you are wondering if EXP Realty is the right real estate brokerage for you and your business, here are some of the many reasons that real estate agents are making the leap to join EXP Realty:   Top 10 Reasons to Join EXP Realty 1)   EXP Stock awarded to all Realtors and Brokers – everyone is an owner in the brokerage! 2)   Kunversion lead generation website for every agent 3)   Making it Rain Lead Generation Program (lead gen on autopilot) 4)   Fully-staffed Technology Team available for ALL of your marketing and technology questions 5)   Customization, top-ranked WordPress websites, allowing to you build YOUR brand 6)   Coaching and Accountability Workshops – collaborate with top agents around the country 7)   Great commission splits with a low annual cap 8)   20+ Hours of LIVE Training classes every week 9)   Opportunity for multiple revenue streams 10)  The Industry’s Best Revenue Share...

EXPonential Growth at EXP Realty – 2015 Highlights

EXP Realty Experienced EXPonential Growth in 2015! Here are just a few of the many highlights from this year… As we move into the new year, I’ve been reflecting on all that has happened at eXp Realty this year… and the list is impressive! As of December 27, 2016 EXP Realty is now in 31 states and two Providences in Canada. We’ve almost DOUBLED in size in the last year and have even more top producing REALTORS around the country, including Atlanta, Phoenix, San Antonio and Austin. This innovative, cloud-based real estate brokerage is turning the real estate industry inside out with our cloud office training, revenue share program, lead generation tools and agent ownership. All of the real estate agents at EXP Realty own a stake in the company, so everyone has a vested interest in making it the best brokerage it can possibly be. EXP Realty has been featured in multiple Inman News articles this year, received the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Best Places to Work Award and we opened the First Cloud Mortgage company. Our EXP Founder, Glenn Sanford, was named among the 200 Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate by the second annual Swanepoel Power 200 Report. It’s no surprise that the EXPI stock is up 450% — yes, 450% — in the last year!   Several industry leaders have joined EXP Realty this year, including: Gene Frederick, a renowned recruiter in the real estate industry joined EXP Realty after an impressive tenure with Keller Williams since 1994. Frederick was the top recruiter for Keller Williams in 4 of the last 10 years. He also divested his ownership interest in the Northern...

App of the Week: Create and Share Screenshots with LIGHTSHOT

Building Better Agent’s App of the Week:   Create and Share Screenshots with LIGHTSHOT It is so EASY to save a picture of your computer screen or a particular image or article online.  We’ve been using an app called LightShot for the past few months and it’s fantastic!  In one or two clicks of your mouse, you can: Snip a screenshot of selected area within seconds and save to your desktop Share screenshots via a short link (url) and immediately post to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more Edit the screenshot with arrows, text, shapes and highlighters Quick Demo of LightShot How to use this tool for real estate marketing: Take a screenshot of your home search website and share on Facebook – you can promote new listings, open houses, foreclosed homes, etc If you are writing a blog about the real estate market, take a screenshot of an interesting graph or chart and use that as a teaser on social media in order to drive more traffic back to your website Were you or your brokerage just featured in a news article?  Grab a screenshot of the article and post it on your “About Us” page on your website See a great example of a kitchen remodel that you want to share with your client?  Grab a screenshot, save and email to your buyer or seller Q & As LightShot is available for both Windows AND Mac (we knew you were going to ask!) and runs on several platforms including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Best of all, it’s FREE! Visit the Lightshot website Mac / Apple...

Quick Calendar for Social Media Marketing | Tips for Real Estate Agents

Promoting Your Real Estate Business Online Many real estate agents feel overwhelmed at the thought of social media marketing, including creating a Facebook business page and finding the time to keep is updated with fresh and relevant content.  In this post, we are going to share with you how SIMPLE it can be… and that you will only have to spend an hour a week.  Just follow these simple steps: 1)  Rotate the content and topics When focusing on social media marketing for real estate, don’t just post listings or links to homes for sale on your website.  Mix it up! Remember:   M E A L L Market Updates Events Advice for buyers and sellers Local news and events Listings and lead generating posts 2)  Create a social media calendar If you map out when / where you are going to post information, it will make it much easier to schedule posts on Facebook (and/or Twitter).  Below is an example of a real estate agent’s social media calendar that they use as a guide every month. The Facebook calendar above make look like a lot of work, but keep reading!  We have a simple solution…. 3)  Schedule your posts on Facebook Your Facebook business page (not your personal page) offers a super simple scheduling option.  Pick a day every week (we like “Facebook Fridays”) where you research local events, news and market updates and schedule them to appear on your Facebook page.  In the short video (<6 minutes), we did a quick demonstration to show you just how easy — and fast — it really is to post relevant, engaging...

New Home Buyer Videos from Realtor.com

Great videos for your home buyer clients! The new home buyer videos from Realtor.com feature Elizabeth Banks, the popular actress who starred in movies like PitchPerfect, Hunger Games, the 40-Year Old Virgin and dozens of other movies and TV shows.  She puts a fun spin on the home buying process and is the perfect solution for those real estate agents that want to leverage the power of video on their real estate websites, but are still a little camera shy.  (smile) If you aren’t sure how to add a video to your real estate website, scroll down to the bottom of this post for step-by-step instructions.  Enjoy!   VIDEO #1 – Knowing When You’re Ready to Buy a Home   VIDEO #2 – Mortgage Lending 101   VIDEO #3:  The Home Search   How to add the new Home Buyer videos to your website: First, go to the video on YouTube Select “Share” Select “Embed” Copy the HTML code that should look something like this…. <iframe width=”650″ height=”366″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/lZtc7c_eDds?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Open up your WordPress web page or blog post, select the “Text” tab (on upper right next to the “Visual” tab) Paste the code where you would like it to appear on the page! ** You can also save your blog post and preview it to make sure that the video appears in the correct spot.   For all the new Home Buyer Real Estate Videos, visit Realtor.com on YouTube....

From Kunversion to Facebook …. and back again!

How to use Kunversion real estate data to create Facebook posts … and generate lots of inquiries on your Kunversion website! Lead generation websites like Kunversion work really well, but in order to take advantage of this robust real estate search tool, you need to send a potential home buyers and sellers to the site.  Below you’ll find a 5-minute overview that will take you step by step through the process of finding interesting and/or relevant information on Kunversion — from neighborhood open houses to recent price drops, etc – that you can use to post on Facebook and other social media sites.   Research home stats and create a Facebook post in < 5 minutes:   Example of a simple Facebook marketing schedule MONDAY’S Facebook Post: Were you house hunting this weekend?  Some of the homes you visited may have reduced their price! See the all the [XYZ City] homes that just dropped the asking price: (insert URL from Kunversion)   TUESDAY’S Facebook Post: Our friends and clients are always asking where we think mortgage rates are heading, so we thought you may find this helpful…. http://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/2015/08/10/where-are-mortgage-rates-headed-this-fall-next-year/ (Tip:  Mix in other helpful articles – like the one above — on your FB business page and don’t spam your readers!) WEDNESDAY’S Facebook Post: More and more homeowners are listing their homes this Fall and believe it or not, there are ### new listings this week in YOUR CITY!  View the full list… (insert URL from Kunversion)   FRIDAY’s Facebook Post: Planning to visit a few Open Houses this weekend?  There are 100+ [check this number] scheduled in CITY NAME. Search by price and school district… (insert URL from Kunversion)...

Realtor to Realtor advice!

I started my career at a “big box” brokerage and loved the classes, but when I REALLY needed help with something specific — like a contract — no one was available.  If you are a new agent, I would make sure your broker gives you three things:  a dedicated mentor for the first year, home buyer leads, and your own WordPress website.

Kerry Lucasse, Team Leader

“I started my career at a small boutique firm and after 5+ years, I’m still loving it!  The personal attention, smaller training sessions and home buyer leads from our team’s website have been critical to my success.  If you are a new agent, work hard, work weekends, talk to everyone and don’t be afraid to spend some money marketing yourself!

David Pippin, Agent

“Very excited to be a part of the eXp team! I spent my first year in real estate with a large brokerage and needless to say my first year did not go so well. I was promised big things that just never happened. I was on the verge of giving up when I met some eXp agents and I decided to give another brokerage a try. BEST decision ever!”

Amy Long, Real Estate Agent

I’ve worked in three different states under four brokers and highly recommend that new agents do their homework before joining a firm. Talk with other realtors, ask about any additional fees (other than what was presented at the initial meeting), sit in on a few training classes, ask lots of questions!

Dana, Real Estate Agent

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