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Do You Have Your Social Media Strategy for 2017?

Agents:  Do You Have Your Social Media Strategy for 2017? Many real estate agents get overwhelmed when they think about marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and all the other social media sites. Thankfully, there is a simple way to get started with your social media strategy in the new year. Anthony Mann, one of the top social media strategy experts in real estate, joined us in the eXp Realty Cloud Campus this week to talk about developing your social media presence and 2017 strategy.  He shared so many fantastic tips and we’ve summarized many of them below, but highly recommend that you watch the video.  Really good stuff! . Social Media Strategy with Anthony Mann & Brad Andersohn Our key takeaways from this awesome eXp social media class Facebook Make sure you are joining groups so you can interact and connect with more people Boosting a post on your Facebook business page – even if you only have 100 fans on your business page, you can boost the post and get in front of new people based on their location, interests, etc If you have lots of interaction you have with your friends and fans, Facebook will allow your posts to get more visibility on the newsfeed Be consistent – spend 15 minutes every day Twitter Because Twitter is now so large and moves so fast, your tweets may not get as much visibility as they did in the past Best way to start engaging is to search for hashtags Tweet directly to others to create engagement (@) Use a period in front of their user name in order to publicly speak...

Topics and Technologies Affecting Real Estate Brokerages

Topics and Technologies Affecting Real Estate Brokerages ABoR Interviews Redfin, KW, Realty Austin and eXp Realty Leaders The Austin Board of REALTORS (ABoR) is one of the most innovative in the country. Their most recent forum was so fascinating that we had to watch it TWICE! ABoR assembled an incredible panel of unique, industry leading brokerages to discuss current topics and technologies affecting real estate brokerages.  Panelists included Glenn Kelman (CEO of Redfin), Jonathan Boatwright (CTO of Realty Austin), Cary Slyvester (VP at Keller Williams) and our very own Russ Cofano (President of eXp Realty).  All of these brokerages had a different twist on agent development and offerings, technology, lead generation, data and managing past clients. Enjoy!   Key Discussion Points What is a real estate brokerage’s value proposition in the 21stcentury? Agent compensation Data sharing and trust building between the agent and the real estate brokerage Lead generation – should the brokerage generate leads on behalf of the agents or train them to generate their own? Building an online presence and ensuring that agents are named under each of their listings Creating consumer loyalty in the age of Zillow and other real estate portals … and so many other interesting topics!...

Important Questions You Should Ask EVERY Buyer

3 Important Questions You Should Ask Every Buyer You’ve heard the old cliché that buyers are liars, right? It’s so well-known it was #1 on Inman News’ list of the top 50 real estate one-liners! As a Realtor, there is nothing more frustrating than showing multiple homes to potential home buyers only to have them put the search on hold, decide to continue renting, only want to make “lowball” offers, or even worse — buy a home through another real estate agent. Most if not all of you have probably experienced this in the past and you might be tempted to agree that home buyers can’t be trusted. ….But what if there was a way to weed out many of the seemingly untrustworthy buyers just by asking a few simple questions? If you can ask them these three important questions right away, it will give you all the information you’ll need to decide if the potential home buyer is worth your time and energy. Here are the three questions you should ask EVERY buyer before putting them in your car: #1:  What do you know about the [insert city] real estate market? This innocent-sounding question will let you know if the potential home buyer is realistic about the current market.  There is always a chance that they’ve been mislead by a family member or friend and think that they can get 10% off the asking price (when is it a strong seller’s market) or can find an abundance of foreclosures for next to nothing (not realizing that they would be competing with a half dozen cash investors).  If you can...

eXp Realty now offering Commissions Inc Lead Gen to Agents

Big News! eXp Realty has partnered with Commissions Inc (CINC) to bring our real estate agents one of the very BEST lead generation systems in the business. As someone who built my real estate business on online lead generation, this is such a gift! For those of you not familiar with eXp Realty (yet!), we are a cloud-based, agent owned real estate brokerage who all go above and beyond to help one another succeed.  Our national brokerage is also publicly traded, so every agent becomes an owner in the company after they sell their first home. As part of the eXp Realty agreement with CINC all of our eXp agents will  receive — at no additional cost — a consumer-facing real estate website that integrates with each local MLS, a CRM platform to manage clients from lead to close, as well as three apps: CINC Agent App, Open Houses by CINC and Houses.net. BTW… It’s only $50 per month to be an agent with eXp Realty. . In the months to come, please stop by the BuildingBetterAgents.com website as we will be sharing Commissions Inc lead generation tips and hopefully plenty of success stories! Have questions about eXp Realty or this big announcement? Call me anytime at 404-205-8100.   Read the full press release… eXp Realty and Commissions Inc. Announce Enterprise Lead Generation/CRM Platform eXp Will Deliver CINC Tools and Resources to All eXp Agents at No Additional Charge BELLINGHAM, WA–(Marketwired – October 06, 2016) – eXp Realty, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® (eXp World Holdings, Inc.) (OTCQB:EXPI) today announced a new strategic relationship with Commissions Inc. (CINC), the leading...

Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Agents… Have you Googled yourself lately? If you’re a Realtor or broker and haven’t googled yourself on the search engines, you definitely should because there is a HIGH probability that potential buyer and seller clients are! According to Glassdoor, more than 80% of employers will google you and a recent study by the Board of REALTORS® reports that at least 60% of consumers will Google real estate agents in order to learn more about them. This percentage is sure to grow as more and more Millennials enter the real estate market (they LOVE to google!). Think about it.  Potential real estate clients will hear about you from a listing sign, a friend from work, an open house, etc.  Before contacting you or agreeing to work with you, they want to learn more about who you really are.  Typically, potential clients are googling you to find out: How experienced are you? Do you work in the areas they are living or interested in? Who are you?  (i.e. your character and personality) What do your past clients have to say about their experience working with you? Do you look professional and/or like someone they would feel comfortable working with? Are you tech savvy with a professional website? Many potential home sellers look at your current listings, number of listings and how you market your properties   How to look your best on Google First, be consistent.   Use the same name on every profile you create.  So if your name is Jennifer Smith, don’t call yourself “Jen Smith” on one website and “Jenny Walker-Smith” on another.  Stick with one.  The same is true with your brokerage name....

Russ Cofano Leaves Move Inc and Joins EXP Realty

Please Welcome Russ Cofano to eXp Realty / eXp World Holdings We are so pleased to announce that Russ Cofano joins eXp Realty / eXp World Holdings as the new Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel, bringing 25 years of leadership and experience in the real estate industry to the table.  Late last year, Cofano resigned from his position as the Senior VP of Industry Relations for REALTOR.com operator Move Inc.  Prior to that time, he was the CEO of the Missouri Association of Realtors, the CEO of a customer relationship management (CRM) company and the VP and General Counsel for John L Scott Real Estate, one of the largest real estate brokerages in the US. Cofano told Inman News that “I am extremely excited and honored to be joining eXp [Realty] at this time of its growth….Just today, the company surpassed 1,500 real estate brokers and agents nationwide in more than 40 states. The position of Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel is new and was created to leverage my key strengths and experiences.” eXp Realty is the first agent-owned cloud real estate brokerage, offering agents 24/7 access to industry-leading tools, technology and training.  Through the 3-D, fully-immersive cloud office, eXp real estate agents are able to collaborate with other top-producing agents from around North America, attend live training sessions, get assistance from support staff members and even socialize with their fellow eXpers.  eXp Realty is also known for it’s incredible revenue share program, where the brokerage shares a percentage of the commissions received with agents who help the company grow and prosper.  eXp is also a publicly traded company (EXPI) and all agents receive...

14 Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings

Want to Get More Real Estate Listings? Listings are the key to your success in the real estate business.   The old saying “List to Last” has remained true, no matter what kind of real estate market we are in. In our current real estate market (low inventory + rising home prices), many home owners would like to sell, but are holding out for top dollar.  The challenge with this strategy is that they aren’t in the real estate business and don’t realize when home prices are leveling off or even showing signs of decline. As an agent, this is the perfect time for you to go out and educate sellers and get as many listings as you can! When you are determined to get more real estate listings, there are four areas you can focus on and dozens of ways to connect with potential home sellers.  Below we’ve highlighted 14 ways to find those home sellers and get connected.  Yes, you’ll find that several are ideas that you heard before, but before you dismiss them, give it a TRY.   >> Here are 14 ways to get MORE real estate listings: YOUR SPHERE (Friends, Family, Past Clients, Local Connections) Yes, you could potentially list the homes of the people in your sphere of influence, but more importantly, you need to connect with them on a regular basis and ask them who they know that might be selling their home this year. You can accomplish this in several ways: 1 :: Just pick up the phone! If you have 120 people in your sphere, call 10 each month. 2 :: Send a monthly...

Creating Community Pages on your Real Estate Website | Go Hyperlocal!

Read to go hyperlocal? How to Create Community Pages on your Real Estate Website So you have a new website and you’ve added your About Us page, testimonials and a few other things, but aren’t quite sure what to do next?  Many real estate agents think they have to start blogging, but before you do, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you select three to five communities or neighborhoods that you serve and build a page for each.  Not only will your website visitors appreciate you sharing information about the neighborhoods or suburbs they are interested in, you will also start building authority and/or trust with the search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo) and over time, they will increase your rankings on the search results pages. Before you begin creating your community pages, please keep reading below for tips on: How to structure your community web page What real estate keywords to focus on Adding current homes for sale to your web pages Examples of websites with high ranking neighborhood and community pages. First, create a structure for your community pages on your website. This will help visitors easily navigate your real estate website and will also help the search engines understand your site’s structure (which ultimately helps your page rank better).  For example, if you create a page for one of the counties and/or cities you serve and then list all the neighborhood pages, your website URL would look something like this: JohnBrownHomes.com/atlanta/grant-park/  – OR –  JohnBrownHomes.com/fulton-county/atlanta/grant-park – OR – JohnBrownHomes/com/atlanta-neighborhoods/grant-park  The areas in bold are the pages that you’ll have to create BEFORE starting your neighborhood or community page. When you create your...

Adding Video to your Listing Blog Posts

Have a new listing? Create and add video to your listing blog post. Real estate videos are all the rage right now, but many agents aren’t quite sure how to get started and/or don’t have the budget for expensive video equipment. We have a simple, cost effective solution for you! In the “how to” videos below (less than 12 minutes combined) you will learn how to create a simple listing video (without a camera), using the Animoto tool.  Animoto.com allows you to create an animated slideshow using all of your listing photos, along with the ability to add text, a call to action and music. Once you’ve finished your video, you can upload it to YouTube… in just one click!   In the second video, you will learn how to add that same listing video to your WordPress blog post. Let’s get started! How to Create a Listing Video with Animoto In less than 7 minutes you can add your listing photos to animoto, add a bit of text and background music and then highlight which photos you would like to get the most exposure in your listing video / virtual tour.  We will also show you how to post the tour directly to YouTube.   How to Add the Video to your WordPress Blog Once you’ve created your listing video and posted to YouTube, we will show you how to add that same video to your WordPress blog.  Featuring your listing video on your blog will not only make your sellers happy, you may also get more exposure on the search engines (Google loves video!). See the WordPress blog post example used...

Realtor to Realtor advice!

I started my career at a “big box” brokerage and loved the classes, but when I REALLY needed help with something specific — like a contract — no one was available.  If you are a new agent, I would make sure your broker gives you three things:  a dedicated mentor for the first year, home buyer leads, and your own WordPress website.

Kerry Lucasse, Team Leader

“I started my career at a small boutique firm and after 5+ years, I’m still loving it!  The personal attention, smaller training sessions and home buyer leads from our team’s website have been critical to my success.  If you are a new agent, work hard, work weekends, talk to everyone and don’t be afraid to spend some money marketing yourself!

David Pippin, Agent

“Very excited to be a part of the eXp team! I spent my first year in real estate with a large brokerage and needless to say my first year did not go so well. I was promised big things that just never happened. I was on the verge of giving up when I met some eXp agents and I decided to give another brokerage a try. BEST decision ever!”

Amy Long, Real Estate Agent

I’ve worked in three different states under four brokers and highly recommend that new agents do their homework before joining a firm. Talk with other realtors, ask about any additional fees (other than what was presented at the initial meeting), sit in on a few training classes, ask lots of questions!

Dana, Real Estate Agent

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