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Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking the next step to to reaching your life and career goals. After 7+ years with eXp Realty, I can honestly say that it’s changed my business and my life. Now, I love giving back and helping other agents become the best they can be. 

I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of agents on my eXp Realty revenue share team build successful real estate businesses, generate more leads, and expand their teams into multiple states… and I’d love to help you take your business to the next level.

Look forward to talking with you!

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When you join eXp Realty, you become part of a global family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience.


Work from Anywhere in the World

eXp’s cloud-campus allows for collaboration, shared learning, live training, and 24/7 support from any location in the world.


Access Powerful Business Tools

Top-tier, lead-generation software, transaction management, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support.


Keep More Commission + Earn More Revenue

No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees. Agents keep 80-100% of their commissions and participate in revenue share.


Become a Equity Shareholder

eXp Realty offers every agent the unique opportunity to earn equity awards for achievements such as closing their 1st transaction.

eXp Realty provides agents with the innovative tools and services to grow their business.

Work and Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

Thanks to eXp’s virtual campus (eXpWorld), agents can work and learn from anywhere you have an internet connection.  This environment offers a rare opportunity to collaborate, share and learn from other real estate professionals around the globe.

More than 60 hours of live training are offered each week, led by some of the leading real estate experts. Agents can also access eXp’s live support team in eXpWorld.  Help is available around the clock to get your systems and tools up and running. 

Powerful Tools + Systems

Agents at eXp Realty receive a suite of innovative tools and systems to help manage and grow your business.  This includes transaction management software, lead generation website (KVCore), customer relationship management system, marketing tools as well as optional advertising support.  

eXp’ Realty’s Enterprise system offers agents full transparency, giving you a one-stop overview of all your important metrics, from transactions to commission history, capping status, revenue share and stock awards.

Agent Financial Rewards

At eXp Realty there are no desk fees and no royalty/franchise fees.  Agents keep 80 to 100% of their commissions, enjoy low monthly fees and and have the opportunity to create multiple streams of income.

Agents receive stock awards and can also purchase EXPI stock at a discount.  They also receive revenue share from the agents they sponsor into the company. Revenue share is based on the gross commission and paid by eXp Realty and does not reduce the sponsored agent’s commission.

Agent Ownership

eXp Realty offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in their real estate brokerage and celebrate the company’s financial success.

Agents can earn equity awards for various achievements such as closing their first transaction as well as the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock.

agent success obsessed

Success Stories from eXp Agents

eXp Realty is one of the fastest-growing firms with more than 40,000 agents across worldwide. Here are just a few success stories from amazing eXp agents!
  • “With eXp I feel that my possibilities are endless!”

    Amy Long - eXp Realty Agent
    eXp Realty review from a brand new agent
    I almost quit in my first year at another brokerage! I was working all of the time and not making any money. Then I was introduced to eXp Realty and their focus on utilizing technology versus the old school methods has really helped my business and helped me to build my client base. Now, I feel that my possibilities are endless!
  • "eXp is doing everything to help grow my business!"

    Will Teague - eXp Realty Agent
    Will Teague eXp Realty Review Photo Building Better Agents
    I LOVE EXP! After six months as an agent, I left Keller Williams to join eXp Realty and over the past two years I have truly excelled! The online support and training make everyday life a little easier. I am always surprised at the new ways eXp Realty helps its agents. They are doing everything possible to help grow my business!
  • "I am really lucky to have joined such a great company!"

    Molly Slesnick - eXp Realty Agent
    Molly eXp Realty Review Photo
    I joined eXp Realty as a brand-new agent, so I was really glad there were so many online classes to learn! eXp is a place full of people who are excited about real estate and excited to help out fellow eXP agents. Plus, the benefits eXp provides (stock, revenue share, etc.) are truly amazing. I am really lucky to have joined such a great company!
  • "eXp is amazing. I would never go anywhere else!"

    Danny Dwyer - eXp Realty Agent
    Initially I joined a small brokerage, working part-time, but the lack of training frustrated me. In 2015, I joined eXp Realty. In 2019, I had $7 million in sales with 23 transactions and 100% referrals - all with a full-time job as a firefighter and a kid. The family vibe and camaraderie are amazing. I would never go anywhere else!
  • "eXp is unlike any brokerage you could ever be a part of!"

    Heather Dean - eXp Realty Agent
    Heather Dean eXp Realty Review Photo Building Better Agents
    "eXp has helped grow my business by allowing me to run it the way I want to. I believe my authenticity has been a huge part of my success and eXp helped make that happen. eXp is unlike any brokerage you could ever be a part of! You aren’t just lost in the shuffle of agents, you are mentored to ensure your success."
  • "Leads from our website have been critical to my success!"

    David Pippin - eXp Realty Agent
    Part time agent
    “I started my career at a small boutique firm and after 5+ years, I’m still loving it! The personal attention, smaller training sessions and home buyer leads from our team’s website have been critical to my success. If you are a new agent, then my advice is to work hard, talk to everyone and don’t be afraid to spend some money marketing yourself!

Join eXp Sponsor Kerry Lucasse and Be a Part of the Building Better Agents Team at eXp Realty

"My revenue share will easily exceed my real estate commissions this year... and I want to help you do the same!"

When I first joined the brokerage in 2013, I brought my team of 11 agents with me.  Because of this, I was able to immediately participate in the revenue share program.  I earned enough that I was able to reinvest in my business and generate more leads for my team. By the end of my 2nd year at eXp, I had over 100 agents in my revenue share group. 

Fast forward to 2020, I’ve been with the company for 7+ years and have personally introduced about 25 agents to the company (including my team of 11 agents that joined eXp with me).  I’m by no means a “recruiter” and everything has happened organically.  Most of the agents who joined contacted me!  

Although I’ve only introduced 25 agents, my revenue share group has over 5,000 agents. Now, I enjoy helping other agents succeed and I want to do the same for you! 

Once you’ve named Kerry Lucasse as your sponsor and are onboarded with eXp Realty, we’ll set up your 1:1 private session where we’ll build your lead generation plan and your plan of attack for your first 90 days at eXp Realty.

eXp Realty is a place where agents can truly plan for their future. It's time to take control of your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? click the “Get Started Now” button to schedule a meeting with Kerry Lucasse to discuss any and all question you have about eXp Realty.

Absolutely YES!  The support for newly licensed eXp agents is incredible.  You are assigned a local mentor, you have the support of your sponsor as well as your regional compliance broker.  Our goal is to make sure that you have multiple points of contact, so you can get your questions answered and business off the ground.   

Education is also a top priority at eXp. You’ll have access to over 60 hours of live training EVERY week, including multiple courses designed specifically for new agents.  You’ll also  receive multiple tools and apps that will help you generate leads and sell homes.   

To be a successful new agent, you do have to take the initiative and attend classes, ask lots of questions and schedule time to shadow your mentor.  If you’re part of Kerry Lucasse’s Building Better Agents team, you’ll also receive additional support, training and coaching to ensure that you build a solid foundation for your real estate business. Contact us to see if eXp is a good fit for you.

There is just a $149 start-up fee that includes 1,000 business cards, your first monthly fee and the set-up of all your lead generation tools.  After your first month, there is just an $85 monthly fee.  

All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $250 transaction fee.  Learn more about eXp commission splits.  

In Canada, agents have a $199 to start-up fee and then $139/month thereafter.  All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $285 transaction fee.  

This is our most frequently asked question! We know it can be challenging to time your move to a new brokerage, so we’d recommend double checking your current brokerage agreement to see how they handle pending transactions.   Many brokers will approve the move to your new brokerage and compensate you for your pending sales when they close – but please confirm!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about timing your move.  We want you to be able to start taking advantage of all the stock awards, lead gen tools, revenue share, and low annual commission cap as soon as possible.

Individual agents, teams and independent brokerages of all sizes are joining eXp and there are some attractive options for team commission splits.

When joining with your team or brokerage, there are some interesting ways you can structure things to ensure that everyone benefits. Schedule a confidential call with Kerry Lucasse to discuss how you should structure your team’s move. 

eXp Realty has agents in every state in the US, as well as Canada, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, South Africa and Australia.

Contact us if you’d like to be connected to the local eXp broker.

eXp’s corporate headquarters is in Bellingham, Washington, and a few brick and mortar offices in states that require a physical office. Other than that, eXp agents work from their home offices and log into our virtual office, EXPWorld. 

If you prefer a physical office, every agent receives a free membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients. There are over 1,000 Regus co-working offices in North America, so there should be at least one that’s convenient for you!

Absolutely!  eXp is the perfect fit for those who are licensed in multiple states. Most brokerages require you to join offices in each state and pay the fees at each office.  At eXp, you just have one commission cap and one monthly fee!

** Please note that you do have to pay board dues in any states where you are actively licensed.

eXp Realty sponsor Kerry Lucasse is available to answer any and all questions that you may have about eXp Realty. Click the “Join eXp Realty” button to schedule a private  call with her.

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