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eXp Realty has some of the most innovative leaders in the real estate industry and because of their unique brokerage model, it’s attracted some of the top ranked real estate agents around the country. As a finalist for the Inman News “Most Innovative Real Estate Brokerage”, eXp Realty is setting the pace for the future of real estate brokerages.


We could talk about all the benefits, tools and world-class training that eXp Realty offers, but thought it would be best if you hear it straight from the real estate agents and brokers who are part of the company! Here are all the eXp Realty reviews and video testimonials from agents and brokers around the country….


I have been a real estate agent in Atlanta for 16 years now. Never have I had the pleasure of working for such a progressive, exciting company and with such kind, energetic people! The level of personal and professional respect I have for this group is immeasurable. This is the first company I have worked for where I truly feel that we are a team. The icing on the cake for me is all of the training and technology that is available for the agents plus the insane marketing. While being a part of the Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group at EXP Realty I have seen my sales soar [up over 200% from the same time last year]. I couldn’t be happier here.

Dawn Porras, Atlanta

After two years with eXp Realty, I can honestly say that can’t ever imagine ever leaving. Thanks to eXp’s industry-changing real estate brokerage model, I now have FOUR different streams of income coming in — my personal sales, referral fees from the leads I generate, company stock and revenue share.  After working in real estate after the market crashed, it was really scary to know that if I didn’t sell anything this month, I might not be able to pay my mortgage next month. Now, I have multiple streams of revenue that will buffer any market fluctuations AND I’m building a retirement fund, thanks to eXp! Other things I love about eXp Realty include 1) the technology and tools offered — and the tech team who supports and trains us, 2) the leadership team that really LISTEN to your feedback and are continually making improvements, 3) the Kunversion lead gen websites (a-mazing) 4) the ability to create your own BRAND and 5) our incredible line up of classes each week – at least 20 hours – covering the latest lead gen strategies, building a team, video marketing, social media and lots of nationally-recognized guest speakers, from authors to SM gurus and new app developers. I’m so proud to be a part of a company that is truly going to change the brokerage model and the way real estate agents are supported.

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Kerry Lucasse, Team Leader

The first time that I had ever heard of eXp Realty, I was on the verge of giving up on real estate as being my career. I had already spent a year with another [big box] brokerage. The techniques that they taught us to use to get leads just were not my style at all. I really was beginning to think that I was not cut out for the real estate business. Then I met some successful agents that seemed to be really happy with eXp Realty, so I decided to give it a try. This was the best decision ever! I have since gone into real estate full time and have not looked back. There are unlimited classes made available to us that teach us how to use free tools to successfully get leads. eXp also pays for each of us to have a Kunversion lead generation website that we can use to get unlimited leads and we don’t have to pay a referral fee for them! With eXp, your business is what you make it. You can be as successful as you choose to be and will have the tools to do it, without even having to leave your home!

— Amy Long, Atlanta

I had heard about eXp Realty 3 years prior to opening it in Oklahoma City. eXp had planted itself in mind for quit some time because of the innovative web tools, training and support. eXp is the worlds first virtual, cloud office with an online support staff at your fingertips! Cutting edge web tools and country wide collaboration make eXp highly competitive and one of the fastest growing brokerages in the US. I could not have chosen a better company to be paramount in our industry!

Micah Mruwat, Managing Broker in Oklahoma

Choosing eXp Realty was one of my best decisions I’ve made in my real estate career.  I was looking for a real estate brokerage that offered a ’boutique feel’ with mentoring, idea sharing, and camaraderie, but that also had the backing, resources, and tools of an international brokerage.  eXp far exceeded my expectations!  I don’t know of any other brokerage that provides essentially unlimited training, multiple websites in which you can customize, free lead generation tools, and on top of that – it’s an agent-owned brokerage with an awesome stock and revenue share plan!  My fellow eXp agents are incredible people and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this awesome team!

– Jamie Walzer, joined eXp Realty in 2013

I started working with eXp Realty in Oklahoma 23 days ago. Yesterday alone I generated 16 leads in 19 hrs. Don’t remember how many posts I actually did, but I’ve got people talking. Never, ever, in the 11 years I’ve sold Real Estate have I generated that many leads on anything, nor in that time frame. And people say Real Estate is dead. I’ve posted on Facebook for years and not gotten that kind of response, interaction, let alone “Likes”, or names, phone #’s, and other contact info. I didn’t pay for these leads either, completely generated by Kunversion…..I’m lovin’ it!

Rhonda Hall, Oklahoma

I joined EXP Realty in 2013. I was at a point that I needed to focus on growing my real estate business and brand and this seemed like a logical step for me. The amount of education and support from everyone has been phenomenal! In just the past year, I have developed a website (with great help from our eXp technology team) that is generating valuable REAL leads, grown a team of 5 and almost doubled my sales! With EXP Realty, my Net Commission Income has grown tremendously, thanks to the lower splits.  I receive so much support on a daily basis from my sponsor, broker and other agents within the company — it’s incredible! And with eXp, I am truly a part owner of this business with company stock that I’ve earned over the past two years. Yes, you have to work every day to grow your business just like with any career but with eXp Realty, I always feel that help and support are there 24-7!

David Pippin, Georgia

I joined eXp Realty GA in June 2015. I came from the top performing company in my area. That company surpasses their closest competitors by over 15% in market share on a regular monthly basis. However, I am more excited than ever and don’t mind the weird looks from those who don’t understand eXp Realty … YET! I will say that from mid June until the end of July, I wasn’t working as I had several personal and health challenges to deal with. These took precedence over my business. I was part of a “couple” team. All business was done in my partners name. So, I came into eXp with 2 listings, NO database, NO leads, NO sphere (they all belonged to my partner)…. so basically a rookie agent! But once Ian Marshall showed me what eXp had to offer-I jumped asap! All I have done is boost a couple of my Kunversion posts on FB, spending maybe $120 since June. I now have 71 active leads in Kunversion. From those leads, 2 became sell/buy opportunities. By the end of September, my revenue from transactions with those 2 leads will result in $802K & a $1,800 referral fee!!! Yahtzee!! In my 4 years at this other company, I consistently forked out $$$$ for leads, websites, marketing, etc and NEVER had this much return. Not even close. More leads, more conversions, less time and the BEST part…these people called me before I even lifted a finger! Plus, I know I haven’t even scratched the surface with the full utility of Kunversion. So, the sky is the limit! I’m sold! And I’m ready to take back some of
that market share! (smile)

Nicole Czaja, eXp Realty Atlanta

It was probably my second closing with eXp and there was an error made with my commission check. We were at the closing table and I really wanted to walk out with my check on a Friday afternoon and go straight to the bank. I emailed our transaction desk, not having any clue as to how long it might take to get a response; Jodi replied within 10 minutes with an updated Commission Disbursement for the Attorney and everything worked out. At that moment I knew that someone had my back …even if I had never met them in person. I had thought about moving my license to eXp Realty for about a year and finally felt like timing was right; this experience simply helped to reassure me that there was someone up in the eXp Cloud Office looking down and ready to help me if I needed anything at all…not to mention faster and easier than with a traditional office where I might have waited until the following Monday for a response.

Edward Bradshaw Nevin, Atlanta

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